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The Church and the Digital Generation

A generation born between 1995 and 2011, open with their fears, passions, and formerly taboo topics such as sexuality and mental health. A generation who grew up during the technology boom and spent most of their adolescence online. A generation who is candid with their thoughts, inclusive, and outspoken.

September 4, 1998: Google is Founded

With $100,000 in funding, the world’s go-to search engine was founded, changing how Gen Z would search for information in the future

February 14, 2005: YouTube is Founded

The ability to stream and post videos online for public consumption changed the online usage of many in Gen Z while perpetrating the video and visual culture that lives with them now

January 9, 2007: First iPhone Released

This ushered in the era of smartphones that Gen Z has come to adapt to quickly

December 2007 through June 2009: The Great Recession

The Great Recession became a major point of Gen Z’s adolescence. It pushed many to put the desire for financial stability before the desire of having a family

January 20, 2009: Barack Obama Sworn in as President

For many Gen Zers, this is the first presidential election that they remember.

April, 2010: Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

This catastrophic event pushed many Gen Zers further into the fight against climate change and to become social justice warriors

A generation to learn from.

Join us for a free webinar series where those from Gen Z and those who work with Gen Z come together to talk about what this generation needs as it grows up in the church. Some of the questions we will be discussing are:

  • “How is Gen Z different than other generations?”
  • “How do you think the pandemic has affected young people?”
  • “What issues do you see young people talking about? Where can you speak truth into those issues?”

Created and moderated by DCE Cassie Moore.

Join the Webinar Series


A group of young adults all smiling for a selfie

A to (Gen) Z: Christians Learning from the Digital Generation

A to (Gen) Z: How the Pandemic Shaped Gen Z

An African-American woman in a classroom wearing a mask, glasses, and smiling
An elderly woman with her arm around a young man as they browse the computer together.

A to (Gen) Z: Connecting Christ with the Digital Generation


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